Artist Statement

    I paint because of my inherent personality to seek, discover, and ultimately record the balance and turmoil in life as witnessed and felt through my own experiences. Through my paintings, I aspire to create a visual diary, a place to go to, whether it is a place of luminance, or a place full with hidden darkness. Where I am in life, both physically and emotionally dictate my approach to a painting. The artists I turn to for influence include, Rembrandt, Turner,
Pissaro, Hassam, Soultine, and Basquiat.

      The mediums I employ are oil paints, acrylics, pastels and mixed media done on masonite or canvas. My approach to a painting typically starts out with me establishing the larger shapes, capturing light, atmosphere, or mood of a specific moment or emotion. I will then embellish with details as needed. Generally I start out painting thinly, retaining the luminosity of the gessoed ground and gradually building up to the final passages of the more opaque layers. Creating or capturing the play of light and establishing a strong focal point in a painting are of importance me. Always striving for the archival properties of a painting, I pay close attention to the materials and the techniques used throughout the painting process.

      I’ve been painting “en plein aire” for several years. Currently, I continue to draw upon the immediacy that painting directly from nature forces into my work. I attempt to bring this raw energy developed from field painting into my studio paintings. I incorporate alla prima, or the plein aire approach, traditional realism, and expressionism into my art. These distinct styles and methods sometimes merge together and at other times remain unique too themselves. Continuing to seek knowledge, I look back though history and to the laws of nature to find inspiration and truth. For me the path to completion is similar to that of climbing a mountain. My journey through a painting is a fulfilling one but always challenging and sometimes tragic. The painting process is never complete unless I can achieve a balance and unity within the painting.

     Creating empowers me with the freedom to express, learn, and ultimately live the experiences in life. The satisfaction and enjoyment in my life are truly found in the ways and means seeking the truth found in the natural world.