Gregory Karas a Connecticut native is a painter that is comfortable using several mediums to depict portraits, landscapes and wildlife scenes. His portraits capture emotions especially, through their eyes, connecting the viewer with the subject. Many people comment on Greg’s landscapes as having a serine almost calming quality to them.

Greg’s empathy towards his subject whether it be people, animals or the natural world became apparent early on which is reflected through his art today. He eagerly explores the shores, rivers, and woodlands seeking truth with the same energy and curiosity as when he was a child.

Gregory is formally trained and attended Paier College of Art and has been involved professionally in the arts since graduating in 1983. A board member on the Valley Arts Council and is a member in the Connecticut Society of Plein Air Painters and the Easton Arts council.

His painting styles range from highly detailed studio works to loosely painted atmospheric paintings depicting the local landscape. Greg strives to capture the beauty found in common everyday life which often goes unnoticed.

“It is not the sentimental viewpoint but the earnest seeking to see beauty -in the relation of one tone against another-which expresses truth-the right attitude...” -Charles Hawthorne .